Parameter Unit Min Max
Moisture % 4.6
Extract (dry basis) % 80.0
Extract difference fine-coarse % 1.0 2.5
Wort color EBC(Lov.) 3.5 (1.8)
Postcoloration EBC(Lov.) 5.7(2.7)
Total protein % 11.5
Soluble protein % 4.0
Kolbach index % 38.0 44.0
Hartong 45o % 35.0 43.0
Viscosity cp 1.60
pH 5.6 6.0
Diastatic power WK 250
Friability % 80.0
Glassiness (whole grains) % 2.5
PDMS 5.0
NDMA ppb 2.5
Filtration Normal
Saccharification Minutes 15
Clarity of wort Clear
Calibration: – above 2.5 mm % 90.0
Calibration: – rejected % 2.0
The lightest coloured Belgian malt produced from the finest European 2-row winter barley varieties. Kilned at up to 80 – 85°C.
This malt is well modified and can be easily mashed with a single-temperature infusion. Our Château Pilsen malt carries a strong, sweet malt flavour and contains enough enzymatic power to be used as base malt.
All beer types. Can be used up to 100 % for Pale Beers (Pilsner, Lager) or as part of the mix for the other beers.
Storage and Shelf life
Malt should be stored in a clean, cool (< 18 °C) and dry (< 35 RH %) area. Under these conditions best if used all whole kernel products within 12 months from the date of manufacture and all milled products within 3 months.
25 Kg. Bag.
All our malts are 100% traceable from barley field through all stages of malting process up to the delivery applying and respecting Regulation EC/178/2002 of the European Council regarding traceability.

All our malts are produced using the traditional process of over 9 days, a solid warranty of high modification of the grain and real top quality of premium malts.

Neither of our malts contains any genetically modified organisms as defined by European Directive 2001/18/EC, which means that all our malts are GMO FREE guaranteed.

All our malts are manufactured in strict conformity with the internationally accepted requirements HACCP (Hazard Analyses of Critical Control Points) currently in force and the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System.

All our malts conform to EU and International regulations regarding the maximum allowable residues of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, as well as traces of mycotoxins and nitrosamines.