Fermoale AY4 has been specifically bred for high fermentation and production of ale beers, IPA, stouts, porters, and other specialty beers. Fermoale AY4 is originated from the USA and is used in numerous breweries and microbreweries. Fermoale AY4 allows fast fermentations with good fermenting capacities. Fermentation time is about 4 to 5 days at a temperature of 20°C. Fermentation yield is high with a good flocculation.

Aroma Neutral and balanced
Flocculation High
Attenuation High
Fermentation Range 18 – 25°C
Pitching Rate 60 to 80 g/hL for wort between 12°P and 14°P

TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION:Fermoale AY4 is a particular yeast strain applied for the top fermentation of beers. Fermoale AY4 has its origin from America and is today used by a large number of commercial craft breweries. Fermoale AY4 has an excellent fermentation capacity and ferments very quickly. The final aroma is very clean. Fermoale AY4 has good sedimentation properties at the end of fermentation. The sedimentation can be improved by the use of Spindasol SB3. The final attenuation degree is very high and the reduction of diacetyl is very high. Fermentation time depends on the yeast amount dosed, kind of propagation and the temperature of fermentation.


Yeast (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae).
Dry matter 95%
Wild yeast Abs
Total Bacteria <3/mL
Lacto Bacteria <1/mL

DOSAGE: Standard dosing rate is 60-80 g/hL. The lower the temperature, the higher the recommended dosage in g/hL.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Propagation: in sterile water at a temperature of 28-30°C. Dissolve the yeast at a ratio of 1:10 and let stand for 20 minutes. Then steer well to obtain a complete suspension of the yeast. Slowly cool down to the same temperature as the fermentation with the addition of wort in small intervals. Dose the creamy yeast slurry directly into the fermenter. It is also possible to spread the yeast on the top of the wort in the fermentation vessel and then mix by dosing oxygen.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Standard temperature for fermentation is between 16-22°C.

STORAGE: Store in the original sealed packaging, away from light, in a dry and odorless place. Store preferably at a temperature <20°C. Do not freeze. Best before the date on the packaging. Use immediately after opening. PACKAGING: 500 GMS net pack.