Fermolager Berlin has been specifically bred for low fermentation and production of pils beers and other lagers. Fermolager is originated from Berlin University. Fermolager Berlin has a high fermenting yield, up to 85%, with a very good flocculation.

Aroma Fruity and estery
Flocculation High
Attenuation 82%
Fermentation Range 10 – 15°C
Pitching Rate 80 to 100 g/hL for temperatures between 12°C and 15°C (12°P).
up to 150 g/hL for temperatures between 10°C and 12°C (15°P)

TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION: Fermolager Berlin is a yeast for bottom fermentation, especially selected for the production of Pils or Lager type beers. The origin is German university in Berlin. The sedimentation capacity is high and characteristic for the production of Lager rich in esters with fruity characters. Attenuation degree: approximately 80-85%.


Dry substance (%) 95 %
Living cells (ufc/g) >1×109/g
Wild yeast (u/mL) Abs
Total Bacteria <3/mL*
Lacto Bacteria <1/mL* *when dry yeast is pitched at 100 g/hL i.e. >6×106 viable cells/mL.

DOSAGE: Rehydration agent depending on fermentation temperature. The lower the temperature, the higher the recommended dosage in g/hL. This ranges from 12-15°C up to 80-100 g/hL, at low temperatures (10- 12°C) up to 150 g/hL. With high alcohol content the use of Fermocel SB can be recommended.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Hydration Mix the yeast into sterile wort or water at a ratio of 1:10 to 20 by weight for approx. 30 min. to obtain a creamy mixture. Agitate gently at a temperature of approx. 18-20°C. Dose the creamy slurry directly into the fermentation tank, if possible using a continuous dosing system. It is also possible to dose the yeast directly into the vessel evenly on the surface of the wort at the beginning of transfer from the whirlpool, thus creating a mixture with the wort. Temperature: standard temperature 10-15°C. It is also possible to vary the temperature during fermentation, esters at lower temperatures, diacetyl at higher (14°C) temperatures. Fermentation temperature plays a crucial role in the flavour profile of finished beer.

STORAGE: Store in the original sealed packaging, away from light, in a dry and odorless place. Store preferably at a temperature <20°C. Do not freeze. Best before the date on the packaging. Use immediately after opening.

PACKAGING: 500 GMS net pack.