Caramel malts are made of finest two row spring barley grown in the most prominent regions such as Germany, France, Denmark and England. The varieties in use are approved and well established in the country of origin. Caramel malt is produced on the kiln with three different colours. Due to the production process the enzymatic activities are reduced. A marked aroma is present, it is more intense with darker colour. It can be used attaining slightly darker beer colour together with a smooth aroma in case of light caramel malt. Dark caramel is typically used to obtain a darker colour combined with a significant malty aroma and lower fermentability ending up in fullbodied and sweet malt aromatic beers. The medium colour is in between these types.

Particulars Caramel Malt
Moisture Content % 3.7
Extract fine grist (dry basis) % 79
Extract Difference %
Saccharification time
Wort Colour EBC 45
Boiled Wort Colour EBC 53
Protein % 11.1
Soluble Nitrogen dry base mg/100g
Kalbach Index %
Wort pH
Viscosity (8.6% wort) mPas
Beta Glucan EBC Mash mg/l
Friability %
Glassy Kernels (WUG) %
Screening above 2.5mm %
Screening below 2.2mm %
Diastatic Power WK
NDMA ppb
Free-Amino-Nitrogen mg/100g
Gushing Test (in water) g
Final Degree of Attenuation %

Origin : Germany Europe
Packing : 50 Kg Bag.
* Actual number varies by crop year due to weather pattern and a little by the farm also (based on micro-climate). Contact for specific numbers for a given year/order.