CO2 Extract is an extract of hops produced by extraction of hop pellets using carbon dioxide under liquid or supercritical conditions. It contains alpha-acids, beta-acids and essential oils and is normally used as a partial or complete replacement for kettle hops or hop pellets. It is an extremely stable, convenient and concentrated alternative to the use of hops or hop pellets.

A golden to amber, semi-fluid syrup or paste
Alpha-acids: Variety specific; typically c. 35% for an aroma hop and >50% for a high alpha hop.
Beta-acids: Variety specific; normally in range 15 – 40%
Hop oils: Variety specific; typically 3-12%
Density: Typically 0.9 – 1.0 g/ml

CO2 Extract should be stored in sealed containers below 10ºC. Opened containers should be used within a few days.

CO2 Extract is a natural, non-toxic substance and may be safely handled using routine precautions to avoid contact with skin and, particularly, eyes. Any material coming into contact with the skin should be washed off with soap and water or proprietary hand cleansers. If CO2 Extract gets into the eyes, irrigate with excess water until clear and seek medical attention.

the á-acids content of CO2 Extract can be standardized to any particular concentration using glucose syrup (non-GM glucose cannot be guaranteed) and the container filled to a standard weight (e.g. 30% alpha in 1-kg cans).

Hops extract is an herbal supplement that is made from the flowers of the hops plant. While these flowers, which are also sometimes known as seed cones, are more often associated with adding flavor to beer during its preparation.

Magnum Extract is Extract of Magnum Hops with 30% Alpha Acid. Its contain 300gm Alpha acid / Kg. Its more purify then pallets.

Origin: Germany, Europe
Packing: 1Kg. Tin / 28Kg. Box

* Actual number varies by crop year due to weather pattern and a little by the farm also (based on micro-climate). Contact for specific numbers for a given year/order.