Event Details

Organiser : DVKSP Impex Private Limited
Event Partner: 
  1. Castle Malting S.A., Belgium
  2. RJ Brewing Solutions, India
  3. Tales Of Froth, India
  4. Bright Beer Yeast, Canada
  5. Fermentis Beer Yeast, France
Speakers : 
  1. Silvia Chalkou, Marketing & Sales Manager – Castle Malting  S.A. Belgium
  2. Bruno Bonacchelli, Master Brewer – Castle Malting S.A. Belgium
  3. John Eapen, Tales Of Froth India
  4. Ishan Grover, Master Brewer and Partner, RJ Brewing Solution Inda
  5. Dante Phillips, Bright Beer Yeast Canada
  6. Pit Josheph, Fermentis Beer Yeast, France
Special of this Event:
In the foundation of this event was technical discussion. Thanks to John for great history about beer. We had decided to do brew with Bruno and All Gurugram Brewer’s. So Bruno has explained receipe with all details. Then we started for brew session by brewer with brewer for brewer. There were open discussion between the brewers. with the joint brewing session every brewer has get solutions of their query. During the brewing session Bruno has shared his experience and solutions for great beer. The second interesting part event was Open forum. First time in india, it was very fruitful forum for all brewery owners and brewers because it was completely technical educational. Sales guy’s has presented their products with technical details. We had very good lunch and beer together with all brewer’s. On the end of session we found smiles on every face. and that’s why we feel proud for the event. After this success we are planning to organise more fruitful sessions in all brewery cities within sort time. We will have more speakers, technical brewer’s, Maltsters and Hop Grover’s in our future event.